Howard Coleite

April 23, 1940 - December 01, 2023
Funeral Date and Time:
Thursday, December 07, 2023 at 02:00 pm
Funeral Service Information:
Born and raised in Chicago, Howard’s humble beginnings inspired him to work hard, develop
street smarts and never be afraid to ask a question. His inviting smile and grill master skills were
just a small piece of the great legacy he leaves behind.
Howard served as the family patriarch. He was a faithful husband to his beloved wife Barbara of
61 years. They endured the best and the worst of times together. Blessed with two children,
Michelle and Jason, they had no idea that their family would eventually extend to 7
Family and friends always felt extremely welcomed in their home and his beloved business,
Deluxe Car Wash. Howard loved kibitzing with the customers, restaurant waitstaff, and creating
instant friendships. He served as a gracious community leader.
His grandchildren were the apples of his eye. When they walked into a room, his face would
light up. Many memories were created playing the family card game, Seven Up Seven Down.
He was a loving supporter of their journeys. Known for his one-liners. making them laugh and
sharing his business acumen with them, Grandpa Howie epitomized what it meant to be a true
We celebrate and honor Howard today and always. His family will continue to live, love, and
laugh together as they enjoyed so many times with him.
Funeral Provider:
Lakeshore Jewish Funerals
Rabbi Nancy Landsman
Westlawn Cemetery; Memorial Section